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      • Bag Filter Series
      • Single Machine Dust Collector Series
      • Pulse Precipitator Series
      • Electrostatic Precipitator Series
      • Cyclone Dust Precipitator Series

      Service Policy

      Botou city Jiankun  environmental protection machinery  equipment co., LTD. Promises:

      1.Our products are produced and sold by ourselves with the lowest price.

      2. We promise to provide on-site service for after-sales debugging personnel, provide free technical guidance and installation, free maintenance of the machine within one year, and lifelong follow-up and maintenance.

      3. The dust removal equipment of our company belongs to large-scale mechanical products. It is suggested to communicate well with pre-sales personnel in the early stage and sign a transaction contract to guarantee your legitimate rights and interests.

      4.Due to the variety and specification of our products, please communicate with our after-sales staff if necessary.

      5. The company issues official invoices. If necessary, please contact the service staff before ordering.

      6.Welcome customers at home and abroad to visit the factory guide!


      For all inquiries, please fill in the form below (* are required) to send us a brief message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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