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      DSZWE? The dszwe  is mainly used for water spraying, mixing and transporting powder for all kinds of dry ash to meet the requirements of environmental protection.  Inquire Now
      Coal Mill Powder Spraying Machine
      Coal Mill Powder Spraying Machine Thickened lining board: the inner shell of WMJ coal mill powder spraying machine is provided with thickened chromium steel lining board, while most of similar products have no lining or thin iron lining, and the wear resistance degree is greatly reduced. Inquire Now
      Aeration butterfly valve
      Aeration butterfly valve The ventilation valve is welded by steel plate manufacturing, with the structure size is short, light weight, convenient installation Inquire Now
      Star?Unloader Star unloading structure is composed of rotor impeller, shell, seal, reducer and motor with several blades. Inquire Now
      Bucket Elevator
      Bucket Elevator The bucket lift type produced by our company is complete in size and size, and it is the most widely used vertical lift equipment.  Inquire Now
      Buried Scraper Conveyor
      Buried Scraper Conveyor The buried scraper conveyor can adopt the plate type scraper, the head and middle unloading port are lengthened Inquire Now
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