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      PLC control cabinet
      PLC control cabinet PLC control cabinet is a new generation product which is specially used for off-line cleaning gas box, pulse bag type dust collector and other dust removal system.  Inquire Now
      Dust removal pulse digital display controller
      Dust removal pulse digital display controller Pulse controller is an electronic controller of pulse bag filter for pulse jet cleaning. The quality of the pulse control instrument reflects the equipment level of the bag filter.  Inquire Now
      Pulse Controller
      Pulse Controller The pulse control instrument is the main control device of spraying and cleaning dust of pulse bag filter. Inquire Now
      Electro-magnetic Pulse Valve
      Electro-magnetic Pulse Valve The electromagnetic pulse valve is the compressed air switch of the ash cleaning and blowing system of the pulse bag filter, which is controlled by the pulse spraying and blowing control instrument.  Inquire Now
      Direct spring frame
      Direct spring frame The spring skeleton diameter less than 130 mm, with 5 mm diameter steel wire is coiled into general stretching after 35 circle / m Inquire Now
      Galvanized Dusting Bag Cage
      Galvanized Dusting Bag Cage The dust removal skeleton includes dust bag cage, cloth bag skeleton, dust removal frame, dust collector skeleton and so on. Inquire Now
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