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      Operation and Precautions for Installing Electrostatic Precipitator

      Feb. 21, 2020

      The installation of accessories for electrostatic precipitator is mainly divided into three parts: the installation of anode plate, the installation of cathode line and the installation of vibration system. All electrostatic precipitator accessories should be adjusted before being hoisted into the electric field, because fine adjustments cannot be made after being hoisted into the electric field. Before hanging into the electric field, the size of each part of the shell should be re-tested. If it is found that it is out of tolerance, it should be adjusted. Today PPC Bag Type Dust Collector Supplier will give you a detailed introduction.

      First, installation of anode plate: Generally, the manufacturers of electrostatic precipitators provide pole plate lifting racks, which can be used for whole row lifting. Because the plates are more than 15m long, it is easy to deform. Before discharging the plates, you should check the flatness of each plate, and adjust it on the ground when it is out of tolerance. When assembling, the entire row of plates and the plate suspension beam are arranged vertically. The size of the upper and lower sides should meet the requirements of the drawing. At the same time, pay attention to the direction of the bolts and the position of the gasket. Fix the bolts at the upper and lower ends of the plate. Use a torque handle to tighten the bolts to the specified torque. If the tightening force is not reached, it will affect the vibration transmission effect of the anode plate and affect the dust removal. When the dust accumulation is serious, the dust collection efficiency will be reduced.

      Second, the installation of the cathode wire beam: the cathode wire and the frame are assembled on site. The cathode frame group all include the burr on the end of the steel pipe to prevent discharge during the electric dust removal work. Pre-deform the frame tubes at both ends of the cathode frame before threading. After threading, the frame tubes at both ends should be pulled down by the tensioner. If individual cathode wires are found to be loose, you must not use tools to move the cathode wires into an S-bend. They should be reworked or cut off. Because even a slack of a cathode wire will make the entire electric field work abnormally. Because the cathode frame is suspended on the large frame at the entrance and exit of the electric field, in order to ensure the same pole spacing, the cathode frame must be adjusted after the large suspension frame is adjusted in place, and then a space screw is installed to adjust the limit. After the anode plate and cathode frame are installed, the distance between different poles must be checked to meet the requirements of the drawing. The different pole spacing will directly affect the boost performance of the electrostatic precipitator.

      Third, the installation of the rapping system: the installation of the rapping system determines the effect of the entire electric field rapping. If it is improperly installed, it is easy to cause dust accumulation on the electrode plate and the electrode line, resulting in a small electric field current and a reduced dust collection effect. Therefore, the relative position of the hammer and the anvil must be ensured. After installation, the bolts must be spot-welded to prevent the bolts from falling off during the operation of the electrostatic precipitator, which will cause the hammer to fall off, which will affect the effect of the hammer. The installation quality of the electrostatic precipitator accessories directly determines whether the electrostatic precipitator can run stably and for a long time, which should be paid great attention.

      Environmental protection and energy saving is a major feature of the Electrostatic Precipitator device, which is also something that everyone is willing to see. Combining the environmental protection and energy saving design concept advocated by the society, this is a physical and mental experience that greatly improves the acceptability of the product. This means that it will be imperative for consumers to accept and pursue them.

      Electrostatic Precipitator

      Electrostatic Precipitator

      The current market prospect of electrostatic precipitator devices is very good. Many large, medium and small enterprises will make related investments and operations, which makes the development trend of this product have an added social development atmosphere. Everyone brings a lot of benefits. This is a situation that the majority of consumers are willing to watch.

      The above is the operation and precautions of the installation of electrostatic precipitator introduced by the Bag Type Dust Collector supplier.

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