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      Bag Dust Collector

      Feb. 14, 2020

      At present, the dust removal methods commonly used in bag type dust collectors are air box pulse type and line spray pulse type. Among them, the air box pulse type has the characteristics of simple structure and convenient maintenance. However, in the process of use, it is found that the dust removal effect is not ideal. After dust removal, the resistance drop is not obvious. The Large Power Plant Desulphurization Deduster Manufacturer introduces the dust removal method of the bag filter in detail.

      When designing general dust collectors, bag dust collector manufacturers recommend choosing a longer cloth bag based on site and cost considerations. However, during operation, we found that when the dust collector with a bag length of 7500mm is selected, the dust removal effect of the lower part of the bag is poor, resulting in an unsatisfactory drop in drag after dust removal. However, a dust collector with a length of 6050mm was selected. It was found that the difference between the upper and lower dust removal effects was small, and the resistance dropped significantly after dust removal.

      The number of Bag Type Dust Collector boxes should be multiple. Generally, the offline cleaning method is used. The so-called offline cleaning means that the cleaning bag is separated from the normal running bag for cleaning, and it is automatically put into operation after completion.

      Bag Type Dust Collector

      Bag Type Dust Collector

      Therefore, when the dust collector with a small number of boxes is used for off-line ash cleaning, due to the large change in the filtering area, the corresponding change in the operating pressure of the boiler is relatively large. The dust collector with a large number of cabinets relatively solves this problem, and has a small impact on the normal operation of the boiler, which can ensure the stable negative pressure of the boiler, and when the cabinet is offline for maintenance, the impact on the boiler operation can also be reduced. Lowest.

      During the initial period of the bag filter's commissioning, air leakage occurred from the pulse valve, which caused all off-line valves and bypass valves of the dust collector to be closed due to pressure loss, resulting in the boiler being forced to stop due to severe positive pressure. After changing the air source controlling the off-line valve and the bypass valve to independent dual air sources, it was found that no matter whether the off-line valve fails or the air compressor is stopped, the off-line valve and the bypass valve can be effectively controlled within 30 minutes. Thus ensuring the operation of the boiler.

      It is found that the bag type dust collector uses a vertically rising bypass flue. As a buffer settlement area is formed in the corner area, when the bypass is opened for a long time, dust and ash will easily settle, which will block the entrance of the baghouse. When the straight-through flue is used, the flue gas flow is smooth, which eliminates the problem well.

      Generally, there are two types of smoke emission from the air outlet of bag type dust collectors. One is continuous smoke emission. Due to the long-term aging of the dust bag, the damage is serious. It is not continuous with the flower plate, the flower plate and the flower plate, which causes dust leakage. The other is instantaneous smoke. In this case, although the dust bag is damaged, it is not very serious. When the bag type dust collector is blowing, instantaneous smoke appears.

      The dust collector must not work with a damaged dust bag, otherwise it will accelerate the scrapping of the dust collector. When individual dust removal bags are damaged in small areas, in order to save costs, it is recommended to use old bags or new filter cloths of the same material to repair the holes. The method of hole repair is to use silicone rubber mixture for bonding, as long as bonding The temperature and chemical properties of the agent can be adapted to the process conditions. With the latter method, the production efficiency is low, the surface is rough, and it is easy to deform.

      In addition, there are plastic frames, but such frames are not suitable for use at high temperatures. During the blowing process, each time the dust-removing cloth bag is cleaned, it will rub against the outer surface of the dust-removing framework. Therefore, although the dust-removing cloth bag has been used for a certain period of time, it has not been damaged, but the inner surface of the dust-removing framework has been worn. At the same time, the original parts can be staggered according to the wear marks to avoid continued wear in the original place, which can prolong the service life of the dust bag.

      The above is the dust removal method of the bag dust collector introduced by the supplier of Electrostatic Precipitator.


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